Updated State Party Rules Adopted at 2019 Special Convention

March 16, the 2017 State Convention reconvened in Dover to vote on two matters. Delegates were tasked with electing a new Democratic National Committee Woman and considering a proposed set of new State Party Rules. After a thorough debate, the body voted unanimously to accept the revised state Party Rules Document.

The new rules document is the culmination of a nearly two-year process conducted by the State Rules Committee. At the June 2017 Delaware Democratic State Convention, a resolution calling for the creation of a Special Rules Committee was passed. The Committee was charged with reviewing and rewriting State Party Rules while making recommendations to each of the four subdivisions (Kent, New Castle, Sussex, Wilmington) regarding their individual rule documents. Through the remainder of 2017, the Committee held a series of listening sessions in each of the four subdivisions (audio linked below). In 2018, the Special Rules Committee met throughout the year to review the existing rules, consider public comments, and draft a new rules document. A Draft Party Rules Document was created from these meeting and released in early 2019 for a second month-long public comment period. At the close of the second comment period, the rules committee met again to consider feedback received on the Draft Party Rules Document and make revisions. An updated final draft was then distributed to convention delegates and Delaware Democrats. The final draft document was presented and approved at the March 16 Special Convention.

The 2017-2019 Rules Committee also published a thorough report on their process, major themes, and significant rules changes. Click here to read the Rules Committee Report.

About the Standing Rules Committee:

One major new component of the 2019 State Party Rules being adopted is the creation of a Standing Rules Committee (Rule 6.3.C). This brand new committee is tasked with reviewing the State Party Rules on an ongoing basis. Once assembled the committee will take feedback on the state party rules. More details on this committee will become available as its members are chosen. In the meantime, comments on the State Party Rules can be submitted via this web form or via email at rules@deldems.org

Rules Committee Listening Sessions:

Dover Draft Rules Listening Session

Listening Session Audio [2-19-2019]

New Castle County Listening Session

Listening Session Audio [9-27-2017]

City of Wilmington Listening Session

Listening Session Audio [10-10-2017]

Sussex County Listening Session

Listening Session Audio [11-7-2017]

Kent County Listening Session

Listening Session Audio [11-15-2017]


Rules Committee Resources: