Provide Quality Affordable Education

Delaware Democrats firmly believe that quality and affordable early learning and debt-free college must be the birthright of every child.

Affordable Early Learning: Democrats are dedicated to creating the best-educated population and workforce in the world. This requires making developmentally appropriate early childhood education and universal preschool a priority, as verified by recent research that shows what impact early learning has on creating life-long success.

Public School Systems: Delaware Democrats support the premise that our state must meet its full funding obligation for K-12 education, while removing the correlation between property taxes and school funding. We support preservation of after school programs, arts programs, and better funding for our public schools.

Special Education: We are committed to supporting children with special educational needs, and their parents, with fully-funded and science-based special education programming, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and other support systems as required. We recognize that children with disabilities are as valuable and as deserving of a top-quality education as any other children.

Debt-free College: Cost should not be a barrier in earning a degree or credential, and debt should not hold graduates back. Bold new investments by the federal government, coupled with states reinvesting in higher education and reducing student loan burdens, should ensure that Americans of all backgrounds will be prepared for the jobs and economy of the future. Delaware Democrats also support expansion of community college scholarship programs.

Apprenticeship Programs: Delaware Democrats believe that our state needs to offer and expand alternative educational opportunities for individuals not pursuing a college degree. Union apprenticeship programs provide a proven, systematic, innovative method of vocational and technical education which integrates on-the-job work experience with related instruction. Apprentices are paid while they learn their respective trade, are eligible for benefits, and have a pathway to a career. New and innovative jobs in the environmental sector will also need apprenticeship opportunities to ensure a well-trained workforce.

Equitable Funding: We recognize that many Delaware schools have disproportionately high numbers of students who are economically-disadvantaged. Delaware Democrats are committed to ensuring that schools that educate children in poverty are treated fairly, and that weighted, needs-based formula funding is used based on the number of students living in poverty, students in special education, and English Language Learners. High poverty schools require targeted and focused funding to ensure all students achieve success and all teachers have necessary resources for their classrooms.

Support Our Educators: We need to ensure that teachers are incentivized to work in high-needs areas. Delaware Democrats support accountability that improves the many achievement gaps facing students from low-income communities. We support policies that motivate and reward rather than demoralize our educators.