An Economy That Works For Everyone

Delaware Democrats support conditions that lead to good paying jobs with fair wages and comprehensive benefits to grow the working and middle class and provide opportunity for all workers. We are committed to building strong and sustained economic growth.

Infrastructure: Delaware Democrats are proponents of putting Delawareans to work updating and expanding our roadways, bridges, rail lines, and public transit, which will enhance Delaware’s long term economic growth while making our roads safer. Beyond transportation-related projects, we believe in identifying, supporting, and advancing key projects, such as expanding the Port of Wilmington, upgrading Delaware’s energy supply, improving the quality of inland waterways, hardening infrastructure against the effects of climate change, and increasing high speed internet access across our rural communities as a means to attract and retain businesses and residents.

Wages: No one who works full-time should have to struggle to provide for their family. Delaware Democrats support our state’s working families and strongly believe in a $15 minimum wage with increases tied to the cost of living and inflation, paid sick leave, and short-term disability insurance. We believe in fair business practices that treat workers with respect and dignity, such as increasing income and job security; providing more predictability, stability, autonomy, and adequate hours in work schedules; and allowing workers to meet their family and caregiving responsibilities without being penalized by employers. We also support the development and improvement of mass transit, particularly in the rural areas of our state, to allow all Delawareans to reach their places of employment more easily.

Organized Labor: Delaware Democrats firmly support the right of workers to organize, to form a union if the majority so choose, and collectively bargain, regardless of where they work. Worker's rights — in particular, the right to collectively bargain for better wages and benefits have been under attack, when we should be making it easier for workers to organize. We support preserving prevailing wage laws for publicly funded construction projects. Additionally, we oppose any anti-worker, statewide “right to work” legislation or policies, any “right to work” zones, “paycheck protection” legislation, or any other legislation or policy designed specifically to diminish or weaken unions in Delaware.

Community Workforce Agreements: Delaware Democrats believe that taxpayer-funded community workforce agreements should include local hire provisions for area residents on all targeted projects, to promote inclusion and upward economic mobility. 

Clean Energy Jobs: Delaware must invest in clean energy to become more competitive nationally and globally. Delaware Democrats promote energy independence and energy efficiency. These new technologies are already transforming our state’s economy, and harnessing these forces will create good paying jobs and help mitigate the effects of climate change on our state.

Small Business: Delaware Democrats strongly support small businesses and entrepreneurship, and we need to make it easier for them to succeed. Small businesses are engines of opportunity, particularly for minority communities. We should discard unreasonable regulations, target funding for small businesses in underserved communities, and provide tax relief and simplification to grow jobs faster in Delaware