Working Class Economics

Delaware Democrats are advocates of a strong working class. We believe that we are stronger when the economy works for everyone, and we strive to break down barriers holding Delawareans back.

Working Families: We strongly support equal pay for equal work and fair wages for all, which is why we support the initiative to implement a paid parental leave program at the federal level, and will work for a similar program at the state level. The Delaware Democratic Party understands the importance of providing paid family and medical leave, particularly for parents caring for a new child or for those addressing a personal or family member’s serious health issue. We believe it is necessary to make quality childcare more affordable and to expand and strengthen the home health care workforce.

Housing: Homeownership is vital to building wealth for working and middle-class families. In order to increase the number of homeowners in Delaware, we believe in growing the supply of affordable rental housing and encouraging homeownership, particularly for first-time homebuyers. We must dedicate resources to building new sustainable homes and updating existing homes to be more energy-efficient.