Health and Safety of Delawareans

Delaware Democrats strongly believe in universal health care coverage. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege for the few who can afford it. We are proud of being the Party of Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Affordable Care Act. We need to build on these achievements, not weaken or gut them, and move closer to universal health care while improving quality and reducing costs in the healthcare system. Delaware Democrats believe in reproductive rights and in promoting women’s health. We support measures to reduce gun violence and to reduce substance abuse. 

Universal Healthcare: We believe Delaware and America should continue on the road toward greater access to health care, not reverse the tide. Our goal of expanding access to care includes access to mental health services and access to care for disabled individuals. Delaware Democrats support efforts to preserve and improve the ACA, including Medicaid expansion, while ultimately moving toward a single-payer option or expansion of Medicare for all. We firmly believe an insurance company should not be allowed to deny coverage to an individual due to a pre-existing condition and in community rating to protect such individuals from higher costs. Delaware Democrats support federal passage of a public option to promote competition in health care markets and provide consumers with greater choice and more affordability. This includes reducing the cost of prescription drugs and sensible reforms to allow greater access to care.

Drug/Alcohol Addiction Services: The plight of drug and alcohol abuse is ravaging many communities across the state, and we must enact safeguards for those affected by this public health crisis. Delaware Democrats believe in continuing and expanding efforts in Delaware to tackle these problems, including applying aggressive preventative education and early intervention measures, as well as expansion of addiction treatment programming and resources. Furthermore, we recognize that addiction is a mental health issue, not a criminal issue; we commit to working to pass laws to ensure that these individuals can get the help they need, rather than entering the criminal justice system.

Preventing Gun Violence: Gun violence is taking far too many lives in Delaware. Delaware Democrats support common sense gun safety measures while respecting responsible gun ownership. We will build on successful efforts at the state level and proposed efforts at the federal level to get weapons of war away from criminals and off our streets, while preserving the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Mental Health Care: The Delaware Democratic Party recognizes that good mental health is critical to all people, including the homeless, and therefore we must treat mental health issues with the same care and seriousness that we treat physical health issues and work to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health care. It is also imperative that we expand community-based treatment for mental health conditions and substance abuse disorders, and create awareness about suicide prevention.

Reproductive Rights: We support a woman’s right to make healthcare decisions for herself and in consultation with her healthcare provider, including decisions concerning contraception and abortion. Delaware Democrats also support the right of all women to access appropriate healthcare. We oppose efforts to limit access to healthcare services and to defund reproductive and women’s health care providers, and recognize that affordable birth control should be expanded, especially in more rural areas of the state. The ACA prohibition on gender-based discrimination by health insurers must be preserved.