October 21, 2016

Statement from Chairman John Daniello on "Rigged" Election Claims

Press Release
Delaware Democratic Party Chairman's Statement on Rigged Election Claims
NEW CASTLE - Delaware Democratic Party Chairman, John Daniello, has issued the following statement in response to comments made by Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump, and DEGOP Chairman, Charlie Copeland, questioning the integrity of America's election process.
"Like many Americans, I was shocked by Donald Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the results of the presidential election and continue a 200-year tradition of the peaceful transition of power in our democracy. Acceptance of election results is not conditional. Results are not dependent on whether or not the candidates likes them. We should all be deeply concerned about Mr. Trump's claims that our election process is rigged.

"But even more shocking is the fact that Delaware Republican Party Chairman Charlie Copeland and party leaders continue to stand by Mr. Trump and refuse to condemn their standard-bearer’s comments, to put this baseless conspiracy theory to rest. Instead, Mr. Copeland fanned the flames of doubt in the sanctity of our political process earlier this week when he suggested that Delaware is “an environment that is ripe with the potential for fraud.” That is both an irresponsible and dangerous comment, and one that has no basis in fact.

"Mr. Copeland owes an apology to the hundreds of Delaware elections and poll workers who work tirelessly to uphold free and fair elections. Delawareans expect and deserve better from their political leaders. In Delaware, we celebrate our diversity, embrace those issues that unite us and respect our opponents. Donald Trump does none of that.

"Instead of giving interviews spreading fear about the validity of our elections, Mr. Copeland needs to show the courage that so many other Republicans have shown, and stand up to the distrustful bully that his party has nominated by immediately and forcefully rejecting Donald Trump’s candidacy."