December 19, 2017

Republicans prioritize corporate tax giveaways at expense of Delaware’s working families

Press Release

Republicans yet again are prioritizing millionaires, billionaires, and giant corporations over American families as they near a tax vote today in Congress. The final Republican tax bill provides even bigger tax breaks to the very wealthiest, at the expense of children and the middle-class in Delaware. Here are just a few of the ways Republicans are hurting Delaware’s families:

  • Republicans are putting health insurance out of reach for 13 million more Americans. By repealing the individual mandate, Republicans will force double-digit increases to premiums, hurting millions of families across the country.
  • Millions of Americans will see permanent tax hikes to pay for permanent tax cuts for wealthy corporations. Families will be bumped into higher tax brackets more quickly, their Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credits will be smaller every year, and all tax benefits for families in the bill quickly expire.
  • The changes Republicans made to the Child Tax Credit will do nothing for children from low-income and minimum wage working families – including 14,000 children in Delaware – who will still only get $75 at most. Meanwhile, wealthy families will receive the full benefit.
  • With all of its tax cuts for billionaires and wealthy corporations, the Republican tax bill will cause the deficit to immediately skyrocket and add nearly $1.5 trillion to it over the next decade. Republicans want to use this unfortunate fact as an excuse to cut Medicaid, Medicare, education, food stamps, and other critical programs on which families with children rely.
  • The Republican tax scam will kill jobs by giving giant corporations an even bigger incentive to move jobs and profits overseas, putting small businesses on Main Street at an even bigger disadvantage.
  • Cities and towns may be forced to cut investments in schools, drug treatment centers, police forces, and other state and local services thanks to the Republican tax scam.
  • The last-minute deals Republicans struck at the urging of special interest lobbyists behind closed doors include giant new loopholes for millionaire real estate developers like Donald Trump -- but little to no tax relief for middle-class families.