August 11, 2021

More Than $1 Trillion Invested in America's Infrastructure

Press Release

Today, Senator Tom Carper stood on the platform at the Joseph R. Biden Train Station in Wilmington and held a press conference about the historic, bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed yesterday. The Senator serves as the Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee and played a crucial role in negotiations for this $1.2 trillion investment into our nation’s infrastructure.

“Building on the bipartisan work of the EPW, Commerce, and Energy and Natural Resources committees, we’ve now cut across partisan divides and delivered an extraordinary piece of legislation with historic investments in everything from roads and transit to broadband and water,” said Sen. Carper.

Here in Delaware, this means $1.2 billion for road repairs, $225 million for bridges, $17.6 million for electric vehicle charging stations, and $100 million for high speed internet access in rural communities.

Both of Delaware’s senators are known to reach across the aisle and work toward common sense, bipartisan solutions in the U.S. Senate. The Delaware Democratic Party applauds their leadership and dedication to ensuring the passage of this critical legislation. This is a major win for the Biden Administration and for Americans everywhere. 

“Donald Trump talked about fixing our broken infrastructure for four years, but unfortunately didn’t provide the kind of leadership we needed,” said the Senator. “Joe Biden has provided a solution: he got Democrats and Republicans to work together to pass the most substantial infrastructure investment in the last fifty years. We didn’t just talk about it — we did it.”