October 21, 2016

GOP Rep. Hensley Takes Credit for Infrastructure Despite Voting Against Funding

Press Release

Republican Kevin Hensley Takes Credit for Infrastructure Despite Voting Against Funding 

MIDDLETOWN – A Republican State Representative is taking credit for infrastructure projects throughout his district despite voting against legislation to fund road projects.

In a campaign mailer sent to residents of the 9th District, Kevin Hensley boasted about securing funding for various projects in the district, adding that “he continues to work throughout the district to address drainage concerns, make infrastructure improvements, and address many other issues...”

However, Hensley joined his House Republican colleagues last year in uniformly opposing a funding bill (House Bill 140) that will generate more than $300 million in new revenue for much-needed infrastructure projects throughout Delaware. This infrastructure investment has resulted in more than 50 new or previously delayed projects moving forward.

Democratic House 9th District candidate Monique Johns noted that the fast-growing MOT area requires steady improvements to the roadways, and Delaware must fund those projects to prevent unsafe roads and avoid traffic congestion.

“Our communities have seen a lot of growth through the years, and we have to stay ahead of the curve as much as possible,” said Johns, who is challenging Hensley. “Legislators need to be forward-thinking for the future of our communities and state, not looking to score political points by turning road projects into a partisan issue. Raising funds to pay for infrastructure projects is a smart investment, one that will pay huge dividends in our district. I will always put making the right decision for our community above partisan politics.”