July 14, 2020

DelDems Subdivision-level Delegates Elected with Impressive Turnout

Press Release
Impressive Turnout

With 96% of eligible state electors voting, Delaware Democrats have elected their 14 Subdivision-level delegates to the Democratic National Convention. These delegates join the First State's 10 automatic Delegates and 2 Party Leader/Elected Official delegates to form the foundation of Delaware's Delegation as we nominate our own Joe Biden for president next month. On Thursday, our delegation will convene for the first time - albeit virtually - and our Subdivision-level will round out our 31-person delegation by choosing 5 At-Large Delegates and 2 At-Large Alternates. The delegation will also confirm Standing Committee members as well as convention pages.

Subdivision-level delegates:
Lorraine Badley (New Castle Co.)
David Baker (Sussex Co.)
Tammy Browning-Smith (New Castle Co.)
Italo Carrieri-Russo (New Castle Co.)
Gary Duren Sr. (Kent Co.)
Rita Hughes (Sussex Co.)
James Hussey (New Castle Co.)
Carmen Jordan-Cox (New Castle Co.)
Helene Keeley (Wilmington)
Gemma Lowery (New Castle Co.)
James Maravelias (New Castle Co.)
Terri McIvor (Kent Co.)
Richard Smith (Wilmington)
Martin Willis (New Castle Co.)

Automatic delegates:
Vice President Joe Biden
U.S. Sen. Tom Carper
U.S. Sen. Chris Coons
Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester
DNC Disability Caucus Chair, Former Congressman Tony Coehlo
DLCC Finance Council Chair, House Majority leader Valerie Longhurst
State Party Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm
State Party Vice Chair Betsy Maron
DNC National Committeeman Sean Finnigan
DNC National Committeewoman Kerri Evelyn Harris

Party Leader and Elected Official delegates:
Attorney General Kathy Jennings
Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf