August 22, 2018

DelDems' statement on Greg Lavelle's misleading characterization of Delaware's economy

Press Release

Delaware Democratic Party Executive Director Jesse Chadderdon has issued the following statement regarding Greg Lavelle’s dishonest characterization of Delaware’s economy in a recent newsletter to constituents:

“Greg Lavelle seems more interested in trying to mislead voters about the state of Delaware’s economy than he is in improving it. There’s just no other explanation for the Senator’s deceitful claim that Delaware’s unemployment rate has outpaced the national average over the last eight years – not when Bureau of Labor Statistics data clearly shows that Delaware’s unemployment rate has bested national figures in a whopping 85 of the 96 months in question. 

“Truth matters, and if Lavelle is so willing to question the integrity of his opponent and her campaign volunteers over a single clause in a single sentence in a six paragraph letter, he might consider holding himself to a higher standard when discussing the economy with the Delawareans he represents. Or perhaps Lavelle’s entire election strategy is predicated upon exploiting the post-truth world created by the president, where facts – like Lavelle’s dismal record of skipping votes and his coziness with the gun lobby – shouldn’t matter to Fourth District voters?

"On November 6th, voters should give Lavelle a reality check and send Laura Sturgeon to represent them in Dover."