April 10, 2019

DelDems statement on common sense gun safety proposals

Press Release

Delaware Democratic Party Executive Director Jesse Chadderdon has issued the following statement on a package of common sense gun safety reforms announced today by members of the General Assembly:

Since Sandy Hook, many leaders have worked hard to pass meaningful reforms that have made our children and families safer. We’ve closed Delaware’s gun show loophole, extended the background check period on gun purchases, banned bump stocks, and passed red flag laws that prevent know threats from possessing firearms.

At every turn, the NRA tried to stand in the way, and at every turn, our leaders didn’t blink. We can’t blink now.

Today, lawmakers in the General Assembly unveiled additional commonsense reforms – including bills that would ban high-capacity magazines and the kinds of high-powered weapons of war routinely used in mass shootings. 

They are all bills that should earn the support of any lawmaker whose governing philosophy attempts to marry representing the will of their constituents with the courage of standing up for what’s right. Because despite the most sinister gun lobby rhetoric, there is a preponderance of data that shows overwhelming public support for these reforms.

We join with our courageous leaders and the tireless advocates who stood on the steps of Legislative Hall Wednesday in the fight to make Delawareans safer from violent extremism in the places they learn, pray, and play.