March 23, 2023

DelDems release draft delegate selection plan for 2024 Democratic National Convention

Press Release

DelDems release draft delegate selection plan for 2024 Democratic National Convention

Plan is posted on for 30 days of public comment


NEW CASTLE - The Delaware Democratic Party has published a draft of its delegate selection plan for the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

The draft document will be prominently featured on for 30 days of public comment before the Delaware Democratic Party's State Executive Committee convenes in late April to approve the final draft. The deadline for Delaware to submit its final draft to the DNC is May 3, 2023.


The plan details the Delaware Democratic Party's commitment to a fair, accessible, and transparent process that ensures that Delaware's 2024 Democratic National Convention delegation reflects the party locally.


Delaware is slated to select 34 total delegates and two (2) alternates for the Democratic National Convention. In addition, Delaware will send three (3) convention pages and three (3) standing committee members to next summer's Democratic convention. 17 of Delaware's delegate slots are open to any local registered Democrat. The remaining Convention Delegates are automatically included as members of the delegation and include Delaware's DNC members, U.S. Congressional delegation, and Governor.   


The plan lays out how Delaware Democrats can participate in each phase of the process including Rep. District level caucuses in March of 2024, the Presidential Primary on April 23, 2024, and the Delaware Delegate Selection Caucus tentatively scheduled for May 4, 2024.


The plan also details the Delaware Democratic Party’s education and outreach plan, which is scheduled to roll out in the fall, and will inform Democrats across the state of the delegate selection process and encourage them to participate.

Delaware Democrats with comments, feedback, or questions about the Draft Delegate Selection Plan can submit them via email to through April 23.