September 11, 2018

DelDems Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm's statement on the certification of Thursday's primary results

Press Release

Delaware Democratic Party Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm has issued the following statement regarding the Delaware Department of Elections' certification of Thursday's primary results:

Protecting our democracy and safeguarding our elections is critical in the face of clear and present threats to our democracy from foreign adversaries. So it is disappointing that while the GOP downplays President Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia and blocks funding to protect our voting systems, Republicans here in Delaware are casting doubt over Thursday’s primary results simply because they refuse to come to terms with the outcome of their Congressional race.

The election of Scott Walker is not evidence of irregularities in the Republican primary. It’s just more evidence of an extreme shift in a Party that continues to support President Trump and overwhelmingly chose his anti-choice, anti-equality, and anti-immigrant Delaware campaign chairman as its U.S. Senate nominee.  

Baseless conspiracy theories from losing candidates, petitions that lack standing, and radio silence from Republican Party of Delaware, all combine to sow doubt among the very voters we should be protecting, not exploiting. Now that the election has been certified, we call on the Delaware GOP to publicly affirm the outcome of Thursday’s vote, and would suggest that if they truly care about the sanctity of our elections, they join us in calling on President Trump and Congress to allocate funds to secure them this November.