April 28, 2021

Delaware Democrats Respond to President Biden's First Hundred Days in Office

Press Release
Joe Biden Joint Address to Congress

New Castle, DE - On Thursday, April 29, 2021, President Joe Biden will enter his 100th day in office.

On behalf of the Delaware Democratic Party, Chairwoman Betsy Maron celebrates an exciting and impactful first hundred days of the Biden Administration: “Anyone who has lived in Delaware long enough has a Joe Biden story. We all know Joe to be a dedicated, authentic, level-headed, and compassionate family man — the first hundred days of his presidency is a clear reflection on that. From delivering on campaign promises to lift up working families impacted by the pandemic, to convening the most diverse cabinet in history, President Biden is showing the country what we already knew: Joe Biden gets the job done.”

Senator Tom Carper, who has served alongside Joe Biden in numerous roles throughout their political careers, reflects on the first hundred days of his friend and colleague’s presidency: "Today I am reminded of all that he, his administration and my Democratic colleagues in Congress have done to help our nation start to build back better: We passed the American Rescue Plan, one of the most comprehensive emergency pieces of legislation in history that has already provided relief to people and businesses in the face of COVID-19; The United States is back in the Paris Climate Agreement; President Biden hosted a climate world summit at the White House, and recently signed an executive order addressing gun violence. It's clear that President Biden and Vice President Harris are meeting this moment, and I am grateful to be a part of the team.”

Senator Chris Coons echoes Senator Carper’s statements about the progress that the Biden Administration has made on domestic issues and adds, “Abroad, President Biden has taken decisive steps to reestablish a U.S. foreign policy centered on American competitiveness, diplomacy, and strong alliances.”

Senator Coons, in addition to his reputation for working on critical international issues, is known as a rare unifying voice on Capitol Hill and shares President Biden’s willingness to reach across the aisle to solve some of the biggest challenges facing Americans. “While we still have a lot of work ahead, I am more confident than ever in President Biden’s leadership, and I am committed to continuing to work with my Senate colleagues and the Biden Administration to secure a brighter future for all Americans."

"The first 100 days of a new presidency are typically thought of as one of that administration's biggest tests," says Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester. "Fighting the pandemic head on, laying the groundwork for building back better, getting shots in arms, and putting money in pockets — President Biden and Vice President Harris have passed their test with flying colors.”

The Congresswoman was proud to be a leader in the fight to send direct payments to millions of American adults and dependents, introducing a bill to that effect in February. Since working with President Biden to get that done, those checks have put food on tables, helped bills get paid, and helped millions weather the storm.

“He delivered on his promise to send $1,400 stimulus checks to the vast majority of Americans, to pass extended support for small businesses and unemployed workers, and to significantly ramp up distribution of the life-saving COVID-19 vaccines,” said Governor John Carney. “Working with Governors across the country - Democrats and Republicans - the President and his public health team have delivered more than 200 million shots into arms. That’s a big deal and it’s how we’ll beat this virus. We couldn’t be more proud to have Delaware’s own Joe Biden - a decent and dedicated public servant - in the White House leading us out of this crisis.”

As the Carney Administration has worked swiftly to mobilize against the coronavirus pandemic, Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long has been focused on providing Delawareans with holistic, upstream solutions: “From Day One, President Biden has been tackling the systemic issues that our nation faces. His plan to address the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustices, climate change, economic recovery and failing infrastructure are being implemented with the support of the American people” said Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long “ These first 100 days to restore the soul of our nation give me hope for the future of our children, for persons of color and for our communities that have suffered."

At the county level, County Executive Matt Meyer led a robust and innovative response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has only grown strong under the Biden Administration: “President Biden's first 100 days have been the most consequential of my lifetime,” said the County Executive. “From eclipsing vaccination goals to getting much needed stimulus dollars into communities and local governments, former New Castle County Councilman President Joe Biden has been the exact leader we need for this moment."