October 08, 2022

Delaware Democratic Party Statement on Vote by Mail Decision

Press Release
Delaware Democratic Party Statement on Vote by Mail Decision
Delaware Democratic Party Chair Betsy Maron has issued the following statement in response to the Delaware Supreme Court ruling in favor of the DEGOP's challenge to vote by mail and same-day voter registration.
"This decision has placed renewed emphasis on just what is at stake in this election. One party wants Delawareans to be able to vote and the other does not. It is that simple. While Democrats have worked tirelessly to make Delaware’s ballot box more accessible. Julianne Murray and the DEGOP have spent the last 4 months fighting tooth and nail to prevent Delawareans from being able to vote.

"To be absolutely clear, Republican opposition to Vote by Mail is not about the method by which these votes are cast but who those votes might be cast for. Republicans would rather keep Delawareans away from the ballot box than actually earn the support of voters. That is not how representative government is intended to work.

"While we are disappointed by yesterday’s decision we are not discouraged. Delaware voters are persistent and will make sure that their voice is heard despite the barriers Republicans have mounted before them. This election cycle, Delawareans will have the option to vote early for the first time ever. It is a convenient and secure option that we encourage anyone who was planning to vote by mail to take advantage of.  We also encourage Delawareans to remember which of this state’s political parties went out of its way to obstruct their access to the ballot box."