February 26, 2018

Delaware Democratic Party statement on gun safety and NRA contributions

Press Release
Delaware Democratic Party Executive Director Jesse Chadderdon issued the following statement regarding gun safety and the NRA's political contributions:

The NRA has joined forces with the Republican Party on a dangerous crusade of extremism that is costing American kids their lives.

Despite rank-and-file memberships that support common-sense gun safety, Republican and NRA leaders continue to pursue an agenda that prioritizes gun-maker profits -- and tens of millions in gun lobby campaign dollars -- over the welfare of human beings.

But Delaware Democrats have pushed back, overcoming Republican opposition to pass laws to close Delaware’s gun-show loophole, extend the background check period on gun purchases, and protect domestic violence victims by barring their abusers from having guns. This year, we’re fighting for new laws to keep those with mental illness -- and those courts say pose a violent threat -- from possessing firearms. And we’re also pursuing bans on bump stocks and the kind of assault-style killing machines that have become synonymous with mass shootings.

It is crystal clear that Delaware Democrats are standing up to the dangerous agenda of the Right’s gun lobby – a fact we can’t allow to be obscured by accepting even the most paltry of donations from the NRA or similar groups. We congratulate our leaders who have redirected gun lobby donations to victims’ funds or advocacy groups, and we understand others intend to follow suit.

As young people seize this movement and demand progress, we must show them that nothing will keep us from joining them in the fight for a safer America. And that means ensuring that not one red cent casts any doubt as to where we stand, or who we stand with.