July 27, 2022

Delaware Democratic Party announces statewide endorsement slate, including Auditor challenger Lydia York

Press Release

Delaware Democratic Party announces statewide endorsement slate, including Auditor challenger Lydia York

Last night, the Delaware Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee convened to consider endorsements for Statewide candidates. After hearing from present candidates, the 25-person body unanimously endorsed in the races for U.S. House, Attorney General, State Treasurer, and Auditor of Accounts. Endorsement results were as follows

  • United States House of Representatives - Lisa Blunt Rochester

  • Attorney General - Kathleen Jennings

  • State Treasurer - Colleen Davis

  • Auditor of Accounts - Lydia York

With these endorsements, the Delaware Democratic Party commits the full support of its party apparatus toward electing these four candidates in November. The 2022 Democratic statewide slate is notable in that it marks the first time all four candidates have been women. 

State Party Chair, Betsy Maron, issued the following statement in response to the committee’s endorsements,

“With everything at stake this election cycle, I could not be more proud of our party for endorsing this slate of highly qualified women. In Delaware, we’ve seen firsthand just how much Democrats can accomplish when voters put their trust in us and these four candidates are poised to build on that success in 2022 and beyond. Now comes the hard work of ensuring we elect each of them so that we may continue to move Delaware forward together.

“While Republicans in Washington have largely committed themselves to nothing but obstructing the President’s agenda, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester has been a steadfast ally of President Biden and Delaware’s working class. Delawareans know that when Lisa goes to Washington she does so with all of our interests at heart. This November we must send her back to Capitol Hill. 

“In her time as Attorney General, Kathy Jennings has fought to safeguard Delawarean’s voting, reproductive, and gun safety rights and has ushered in a more conscientious era in Delaware’s Department of Justice. When far the right threatened our democratic processes AG Jennings was there to ensure Delawareans could cast their vote safely and that their vote was properly counted. With the ongoing efforts to discredit and subvert our election process, we must elect an Attorney General that believes in free and fair elections. That Attorney General is Kathy Jennings.   

“In her first term as State Treasurer Colleen Davis has led her office in a more compassionate direction. Thanks to her leadership more young Delawareans have been able to affordably attend college and more seniors have been able to retire with dignity. She has exemplified the importance of having a Democrat as Treasurer and we look forward to re-electing her in November.”

The Delaware Democratic Party also made the rare decision to endorse a primary challenger over the incumbent, giving their backing to Auditor candidate Lydia York. In response to the Auditor endorsement Chair Maron had this to say, 

“We saw Ms.York’s candidacy as an opportunity to restore the Auditor's office to its intended function and do away with the political theater that has kept the incumbent at center stage for all the wrong reasons. Her legal, business, and finance backgrounds make Lydia York an immensely qualified Auditor who we are confident will do right by all Delawareans. This September, Democratic primary voters looking for integrity, accountability, and true leadership in their Auditor need not look further than Lydia York.”