March 26, 2019

Del Collo, Senate Republicans turn backs on workers with opposition to Apprenticeship bill

Press Release

Delaware Democratic Party Executive Director Jesse Chadderdon issued the following statement regarding the Tuesday's Senate passage of SS 1 to SB 48: 

Republicans are the first to raise hell when they see out-of-state plates on construction sites, yet they refuse to play a meaningful part in helping more Delawareans find careers in the building trades. Today, all but one Senate Republican voted against straightforward pro-worker legislation that would help increase the number of apprenticeship programs available in various trades.

Sen. Anthony Del Collo’s “no” vote is particularly disappointing, given the number of laborers who call the 7thDistrict Home. The working men and women of Elsmere, Marshallton, and Pike Creek deserve better than a union buster as their Senator. 

Full credit to the Democratic Senators who voted to send this important legislation to the House of Representatives.