May 25, 2017

City of Wilmington Delegate Selection Caucus

Press Release

City of Wilmington Delegate Selection Caucus

Thursday, June 1 at 7:30pm

Police Athletic League of Wilmington


Thursday, June 1st, the City of Wilmington Democrats will gather to elect delegates to attend the 2017 Democratic State Convention. At the State Convention, delegates will elect State Party leadership and vote on other matters that come before the delegation.

On June 1st, Democrats from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Representative Districts (RD) will elect delegates to represent their RD at the State Convention. Any registered Democrats that meet the eligibility requirements may run to become a delegate.

Democrats may only vote for delegates in the RD in which they reside. For example, 1st District Democrats elect 1st District delegates, 2nd District Democrats elect 2nd district delegates, and so on.

Additionally, each RD is allotted a limited number of total delegates.

1st Rep. District - 21 Delegates
2nd Rep. District - 17 Delegates
3rd Rep. District - 16 Delegates

Each committee is also permitted 5 ranked alternate delegates to fill-in in case an elected delegate cannot attend the State Convention.


Following the election, Wilmington's State Convention Delegates will meet to elect five  to serve on the Resolutions Committee and Credentials Committee for the 2017 State Convention.