October 13, 2017

Chairman Raser-Schramm's statement on Oct. 13th Delaware GOP fundraiser

Press Release

Delaware Democratic Party Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm issued the following statement regarding tonight's Delaware GOP fundraiser featuring Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin:

Republicans in Delaware are showing their true colors tonight by holding court with a Tea Party extremist like Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, someone who is so far to the right, he calls Mitch McConnell a liberal. 

For months now, Delawareans have seen their GOP’s silence as complicity when it comes to President Trump’s extreme agenda. But this move screams it from the palatial rooftop of Greenville’s exclusive Vicmead Club. 

Tonight, Bevin pays a visit to the backyard of Greg Lavelle, taking a short break from his unceasing efforts to strip Kentuckians of their health care and filter taxpayer dollars into private, for-profit schools, so he can filter money – at the clip of $2,500 a head – into the campaign coffers of the Delaware GOP.

It’s a chilling glimpse into who some of our Republican leaders truly are, and who they’re really working for in Dover.

How can our Republican leaders be trusted to fight for all Delawareans, when they are profiting from a man who fears expanding LGBTQ rights can lead to people marrying their children?

How can our Republican leaders be trusted to move us forward on common-sense gun reform when they are profiting from a man who, following the Las Vegas shooting, called reformists “political opportunists?” 

How can our Republican leaders be trusted to prioritize our air and water quality when they are profiting from a man who believes states can and should ignore federal environmental regulations?

Those are questions to which Delawareans deserve answers. Unfortunately, they are the type of questions Republicans hope to avoid in advance of the 2018 elections. Tonight at Vicmead, however, money will talk loud and clear.