July 26, 2016

Chairman Daniello on the Formal Nomination of Hillary Clinton for U.S. President

Press Release
Delaware Democratic Party Chairman Issues Statement on the Formal Nomination of Hillary Clinton for U.S. President
PHILADELPHIA - Delaware Democratic Party Chair John Daniello has issued the following statement in regard to the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton for President:
"Earlier today we made history, as we became the first major party to nominate a woman for President of the United States of America. This is a truly historic moment that every American should be proud of. Because of us, a woman is now poised to become President of the same nation where women were once refused the right to vote and housewife was the only career path that young girls could realistically aspire to. 
History aside, Hillary Clinton is more that just a woman, she is the most qualified person to be our next President and Democrats should take pride in calling her their nominee."