September 15, 2022

Chair Maron issues Statement on Republican-led efforts to overturn vote by mail

Press Release

Democratic Party Chair Statement on Vote by Mail Litigation

Delaware Democratic Party Chair, Betsy Maron has issued the following statement on Republican-led vote by mail litigation 

"The extended controversy over Vote by Mail is a disappointing reminder that Republican attacks on the electoral process are active and ongoing, even in Delaware. We have seen it all over the country as Republicans have thrown up increasingly burdensome barriers to the ballot box, all under the guise of 'election integrity.' 

"Exercising the right to vote should not be a partisan issue. Before 2020, vote by mail had bipartisan support. Delaware Republicans have changed course because they know that the only way they can impose their unpopular and regressive policies is to bar Delawareans from the ballot box.

"The Delaware Democratic Party believes that true election integrity comes from ensuring every eligible voice is heard. Our candidates are running to expand access, not restrict it. While yesterday’s news was discouraging, we can settle this matter once and for all by electing more Democrats to the General Assembly on November 8."