January 25, 2022

4th Rep. District Special Election Memorandum



DATE:  January 25, 2022

TO:  4th R.D. Committee members

FROM:  Kat Caudle, New Castle County Chair 

    Cassandra Marshall, City of Wilmington Chair


Representative Gerald Brady has announced he is resigning his position effective February 4, 2022.   Delaware law requires that Speaker Schwartzkopf, as presiding officer of the State House, issue a writ of election to the New Castle County Department of Elections within 10 days of the vacancy.  15 Del.C. §7101.  The writ will set the election day no less than 30 days or more than 35 after the writ is issued.  15 Del.C. §7102.  It is anticipated that the special election will occur early to mid-March.  

The Subdivision Chair(s) have the authority to submit a name for the Democratic candidate for the special election by filing a certificate of nomination with the Department of Elections. 15  Del.C. §7103.  There is no primary election.

The Rules of the Democratic State Committee provide for the method of selection of a candidate in the event of a special election.  Specifically, Rule 8.2 provides:

Non-Statewide Elections.  If after the deadline for an individual to file notification of candidacy for any office that is to be filled by partisan election, other than a statewide office, there is no Democratic candidate for such office, or in the event of the need for a special election for any such office, the candidate for such office shall be named under the rules of the subdivision in which all the voters for said office live.  If such subdivision’s rules provide no procedure for filling such vacancies, the subdivision chair shall call a meeting within the time provided by law for such vacancy to be filled, giving notice to all district committee members who would be entitled to vote for such office at a general election, at which meeting the candidate shall be chosen by a majority vote of the district committee members present and voting.  

Accordingly, the subdivision chairs from New Castle County and the City of Wilmington, hereby schedule the selection meeting for Monday February 7, 2022 at 6:00 pm. via Zoom.  Local Democrats seeking the nomination will be given an opportunity to address the members in attendance. Following the remarks the committee will deliberate and decide on a nominee. (If necessary, for time considerations, the committee will adjourn the meeting and reconvene the following evening (February 8) to make their formal nomination)  The subdivision chairs will then submit the nomination to the Department of Elections.  

Specifically, on Monday, February 7, 2022, at 6:00 p.m., all interested and qualified Democratic candidates are invited to speak to the 4th Representative District Committee. The meeting will be held by Zoom. Prospective candidates should email Travis Williams, Executive Director of the Delaware Democratic Party, at travis@deldems.org for Zoom credentials by close of business (4:30pm) February 4.  Registered Democrats who wish to observe the proceedings can sign up by clicking here, www.mobilize.us/deldems/event/438417

Immediately following the information session, Ms. Marshall and Ms. Caudle will chair a meeting of the 4th Representative District Committee.  The Committee will meet in Executive Session to formally recommend a Democratic candidate.   At this selection meeting, in accordance with Rule 8.2 of the Rules of the Delaware Democratic Party, the candidate shall be chosen by a majority vote of the district committee members present and voting.  Proxy votes are permitted for this meeting. Please contact the State Party to request a proxy designation form. 

Any questions should be addressed via email to Travis Williams.