Ahead of the 2024 Democratic National Convention, the Delaware Democratic Party will select a small delegation of local Democrats, party leaders, and elected officials to formally nominate the Democratic nominee for U.S. President.

Chicago 2024 Delegate Selection


2024 the Democratic Party will formally nominate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for re-election at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Chicago, Illinois. Democrats from all 50 states and the 7 territories will gather in the Windy City to complete the nomination process, conduct party business, and kick off the General Election season. For its role in this process, Delaware must send a small delegation of local Democrats, party leaders, and elected officials to Chicago for the 2024 Democratic National Convention. The process for selecting Delaware Delegation is outlined in the 2024 Delegate Selection Plan found at the bottom of this page.

Thank you to all of the Delaware Democrats who have participated in the Delegate Selection Process so far. As of March 19, the application period for this year's process has closed.

2024 Delegate Selection Caucus, April 13

Delaware’s 2024 Delegate Selection Process will culminate in a Delegate Selection Caucus (DSC) at Bally's Dover Casino Resort on Saturday, April 13, 2024. At this State Caucus, Delaware will elect its Democratic National Convention Delegates. Those elected will attend the 2024 National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Check-in will open at 9:00 am. Upon checking in, Caucus Electors and DNC Delegate Candidates will receive their credentials. While only Caucus Electors and Delegate Candidates will have an official role in the Caucus, the event is open to all registered Democrats. Guests and spectators will also need to check in to gain access to the DSC. Guests are strongly encouraged to pre-register ahead of time to expedite their check-in process.  To register as a guest click here.

Caucus Electors 
The voting body of the DSC is made of Caucus Electors. In February, each Rep. District convened to elect a slate of up to four local Democrats to serve on the district's behalf at the DSC. The Caucus Electors will vote on who becomes a National Convention Delegate.

The roster of caucus electors will be made available upon request to any registered Delaware Democrat. To request the roster please email dnc2024@deldems.org with your name and voting address (to confirm registration).

National Committee Member Elections 
The first order of business will be to elect Delaware’s two (2) Democratic National Committee members. These members serve as Delaware’s representatives on the Democratic National Committee and attend biannual meetings at their own expense. The four-year term for the members elected at this year's caucus will begin immediately after the 2024 National Convention. The newly elected members will not be a part of the 2024 National Convention Delegation and will instead attend the 2028 National Convention. Delaware’s current National Committee members, Sean Finnigan and Kerri Evelyn Harris, will attend this Summer’s National Convention.

Nominations for National Committee Members will be taken from the floor. Any registered Delaware Democrat is eligible to serve as a National Committee Member. National Committee Member positions are gender balanced, meaning the two members may not be of the same gender.  

National Convention Delegate Elections 
Following the election of National Committee Members, Caucus Electors will split off into Subdivision Groups. These groups will then elect their subdivision's National Convention Delegates. The subdivision delegates to the national convention are allocated among Delaware’s four subdivisions (Kent County, New Castle County, Sussex County, and Wilmington City) based on the vote share of the 2020 Presidential and Gubernatorial candidates. Delegates are distributed as follows

  • 2 Kent Delegates
  • 6 New Castle Delegates
  • 2 Sussex Delegates
  • 2 Wilmington Delegates  

After each of the subdivisions have elected their delegates, the full caucus body will reconvene to elect the remaining At-Large(5), Alternate(2), and Party Leader(2) delegates. After the last delegate has been elected the caucus will vote to affirm the appointment of Convention Committee Members. The meeting will then adjourn.

Delegate Selection Plan Overview

After a thorough review and public comment period, 2024 Delaware's Delegate Selection plan was formally approved by the National Party's Rules and Bylaws Committee in October of 2023. The plan details the Delaware Democratic Party's commitment to a fair, accessible, and transparent process that ensures that Delaware's 2024 Democratic National Convention delegation reflects the party locally.

Delaware's Delegation 

Delaware is slated to send 34 total delegates and two (2) alternates to the Democratic National Convention. In addition, Delaware will send three (3) convention pages and three (3) standing committee members to next summer's Democratic convention. 

  • 12 Subdivision/District  Level Delegates
  • 5 At-Large Delegates
  • 2 Pledged Party Leader & Elected Official Delegates
  • 15 Automatic Party Leader & Elected Official Delegates (to be finalized in March 2024)
  • 2 At-Large Alternates  

All local registered Democrats are encouraged to participate in the process, which will begin fielding applications in early 2024. Through the Winter and Spring of 2024, the state and local parties will host a series of public caucuses and meetings to decide on Delaware’s delegation. Rep. District level caucuses will take place in February to select electors to the State level caucus. On April 13, 2024, electors will gather in Dover for the 2024 Delegate Selection Caucus. Those selected as delegates will travel to Chicago, Illinois for the 2024 Democratic National Convention where the Party will formally make its nomination for President.


Basic Procedure 

Throughout the Winter and Spring of 2024, local Democrats will have a chance to participate in Delaware's Delegate Selection Process. Those selected as delegates will participate in the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. 

Beginning January 3, National Convention Delegate Applications will be available online and at State Party Headquarters. Those wishing to become a DNC Delegate will need to submit their completed application form by March 19, 2024. 

In February 2024 the local party will host a series of Representative District Caucuses. A caucus will be held for each of the 41 State Representative (House) Districts. At these District Caucuses, four(4) resident Democrats will be selected to serve as electors at the 2024 State Caucus. Serving as an elector is not a requirement to become a DNC Delegate.

The electors from each State House District will gather in Dover on Saturday, April 13 for the 2024 Delegate Selection Caucus where they will vote on Delaware's DNC Delegates.  

Selection Timeline


Key Delegate Selection Dates 

There are several key dates in the Delegate Selection Process

  • January 3, 2024 - National Convention Delegate Pledge Forms become available on deldems.org
  • February 2024 - Representative District Caucus are held and electors are selected
  • March 19. 2024 - Submission deadline for National Convention Delegate Application Forms
  • April 13, 2024 - Delaware's Delegate Selection Caucus is held and National Convention Delegates are elected.
  • August 19-22, 2024 - Democratic National Convention held in Chicago,IL